Frequently asked questions

As a volunteer, you never bear the responsibility for the people you are helping - it lies with the supervisor(s). You are, however, responsible for your own actions. Because we are helping vulnerable people, we expect volunteers to be respectable and follow the rules for good behavior.

Every city has multiple project managers. They can tell you all about the various activities and the social organization where you want to volunteer. You will find these contact details under the tab 'About us' at 'Organization' in the menu.

NL Cares is not liable for any form of damage, accidents, physical injury, loss or theft of goods or any other form of damage before, during or after the volunteer activity. If you participate in an activity, this will be at your own risk. Initially, all volunteers of NL Cares are insured through our collective volunteer insurance. However, should you cause any damage, you will first have to contact your liability insurer. Damage or accidents to third parties are covered by your own liability insurance.

We offer our calendar activities online through our website, newsletter, Facebook., Instagram and LinkedIn. These are also the ideal channels to follow us and to stay informed of new activities and activities we need volunteers for.

You register via our website. This is without obligations; however, it would be great if you also signed up for a volunteer activity on the activity calendar. After registration, you will receive our newsletter with the latest news and activities once per month, and occasionally some information about stand-alone activities.

Our volunteer work is flexible, not without obligation. Are you unable to participate after signing up? Then please log in to your profile and unsubscribe from the activity. Is it less than 24 hours in advance? Please let us know, so that we can inform the activity about this. You can find the contact details per city under 'About us' at 'Organization'. It is of course fine for you to arrange a replacement, provided that this person is registered with us.

Our volunteer work is flexible, not without obligation. Can you not attend after registration? Then you can log in with your profile and sign out for the activity. Is it less than 24 hours in advance? Let us know so that we can inform the specific activity accordingly. You can find the contact details per city under 'About us' under 'Organization'. You can also arrange for a replacement yourself, provided that person is registered with us.

Yes, and we would gladly have you do this! A friend, a colleague, a family member or a neighbor: everyone is welcome to join. This person will need to register on our website and sign up for the activity on the calendar. Then they will be insured during the volunteer activity.

Making recordings and pictures of activities whereby our target groups are on screen is absolutely not permitted. We work with very vulnerable target groups that are unable to assess the consequences of things like cooperating with recording a videoclip. This is why their parents, caregivers or children must be asked for permission. It is our rule that people with a disability can never be filmed. It would be too much work for us to always have to get in touch with the client's contacts for film requests.

Volunteering together establishes a bond, this is why we always strive to have at least two volunteers present at our activities. Occasionally, an activity may not reach its quota, however, you will never volunteer alone. At the location there will always be someone of the institution present to assist you

We work together with several social institutions in the cities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht. The five vulnerable groups that we focus on are: the elderly, children in disadvantaged situations, people with a physical or mental disability, migrants and homeless people.

By requesting information such as your age, we gain insight into the group of people in our network. We ask for a phone number so we can contact you if needed to inform you about changes or cancellation of an activity for which you signed up, or in case of an incorrect email address. Your personal details will not be transferred to third parties without your permission. For more information about your details and its use, please visit our privacy statement.  

You are the one to decide when and for what activity you will sign up at a time that is convenient for you. How often you come is of course up to you, but because we like to help as many people as possible, we hope to see you again. Please note: flexible does not mean it is without obligation. We do expect you to participate in the activity after signing up. Your help is needed!

There will always be a supervisor during the activity. The supervisor will be able to provide an explanation about the social institution that you are about to begin working with, and what is expected from you during the activity. You can also turn to your supervisor for any questions. When you sign up, you will receive a confirmation email with all the details about the activity. This email also informs you about which supervisor you can ask about when you arrive.  We sometimes notice that not everyone within the social institute is aware of the coming volunteers. It will help to ask questions! Does the reception not know the name of the supervisor? Then you should tell them what activity you will be helping with or ask about another supervisor who might know more about the activity. 

Enthusiasm and the willingness to be proactive are enough to join one of our calendar activities. There is no need for special knowledge or skills. However, seeing as we commit to help vulnerable people, we require our volunteers to be at least 18 years of age.