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A day with homeless people in 'Herstart de Inloop'

Herstart de Inloop

23 July 2019
Nieuwegracht 92, 3512 LX Utrecht
13:30 - 18:30


However homeless people tend to have a wait-and-see attitude towards new faces, they really enjoy playing games or having a chat. At the Herstart you meet these people by working in the living room. You will serve coffee and soup, have a chat and try to learn about their everyday environment. Over a game of tabletennis or Risk, you might find out that not every homeless person is what you'd thought before.


Target group & Impact

The Herstart daily offer a living room to 110 homeless people in Utrecht. It's a stable and safe place, away from the streets, where people can eat and drink, bathe, have medical care and do activities. As a volunteer you will help serving drinks and food. There will also be time to have a chat.

Please take a look on the website for more information.

It is important to be proactive and we need a strong and confident person. 


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Note: presence

It is not OK that you will be helping shorter than the time that is set for this activity. It is not workable for the team and demands a lot of flexibility from the professional, which they can not always live up to. Moreover, the Herstart wants to start and end with the whole team. Fitting flexible times is too demanding, especially if you only come once. Thanks for your understanding!