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A day with homeless people in 'Herstart de Inloop'

Herstart de Inloop

11 July 2021
Nieuwegracht 92, 3512 LX Utrecht
13:30 - 18:30


At the walk-in of 'de Herstart' you can help the homeless, give them a warm welcome and meet them by helping as a volunteer in the living room. Although this target group often takes a somewhat wait-and-see attitude towards new faces, they like to play games or have a chat. Because of this initial attitude, it is important that you adopt a proactive attitude yourself and are be self-confident. With a dose of enthusiasm and the will to make contact, you will be fine today! And do you have any questions? There are always volunteers of Herstart the Inloop who can help you, you are not alone. Today you will serve coffee and soup, help with daily facilities, chat and try to get to know the world of the homeless. You can also get to know each other during a game of pool or table tennis.

Target group & Impact

Herstart is the first place for homeless people in Utrecht and they want to give people a warm welcome here. This by getting to know each other, drinking a cup of coffee in the 'inloop' and by the many volunteers who help. They do this together with all organizations that work at Herstart. This concerns all parties that work with homeless people in Utrecht. There is a walk-in and a shelter. The 'Stadsteam Herstel' helps homeless people to find appropriate care and shelter. The doctors and nurses of Public Health provide medical care if necessary.

There are many misunderstandings about people who are homeless. Some people mistakenly assume that they are all drug or alcohol addicts. They are vulnerable people who have their own story about how they got into this situation. Some don't want to tell their story, others do. Show appropriate interest in these stories during your volunteer work today. That can be an enrichment for yourself as well as for the homeless! Do you want to know more about this target group? Read more here.

Location and getting there

'Herstart de inloop' is in a beautiful location in the city center and is easy to reach by bicycle.

Sign up!

Do you see it as a challenge to get to know homeless people? Click on 'Sign up' below. Note the times of this activity. You are expected to be there from start to finish. It is not workable for the team if you leave early and it demands a lot of flexibility from the professional, which they can not always live up to. Moreover, the Herstart wants to start and end with the whole team. Fitting flexible times is too demanding, especially if you only come once. Thanks for your understanding!

After your registration you will receive a confirmation email with additional information about the location and the target group. Do you have a question? Then go to the frequently asked questions or contact NL Cares Utrecht.