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Asha's homework help

Trefcentrum Oase

23 November 2019
Cartesiusweg 11, 3534 BA Utrecht
12:00 - 14:00

The activity
Schoolkids from grade 6 and higher - also high school kids - come to Asha for help with their homework. At home they can often not ask for help. With some good explanations and a pat on the shoulder you can help the kids. You assist the kids with their homework, projects and preparing presentations. Help with science subjects is also very much appreciated. Do you want to help the kids? Then click on 'Join us'. You will then receive a conformation e-mail with additional information. 

Focus group & impact 
Asha's activities primarily focus on the Hindi-community, but children with another background keep joining more often. Because of this, the activity has grown to a multicultural project. Asha (means 'hope' in Hindi) is a Hindi-Surinamese foundation in Utrecht. The organisation was founded in 1976 and with its activities it wants to make a positive contribution to participation and integration policies.