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Baking for the participants of Job Score by the NAS (homeless people)

Nico Adriaans Stichting (NAS)

22 February 2021
Bake @ home, Bake @ home Rotterdam
10:30 - 12:00


During the corona crisis, the participants of Job Score (by the NAS) could use a little more attention. It is a difficult time for everyone, but especially for homeless people. You can lighten up their day a little, by baking something nice. For example, you can bake cupcakes, a cake or a tasty pie. Let your creativity run free while baking. Always take hygiene into account when baking and wash your hands sufficiently.

You can deliver your baking at an agreed time at Job Score. You will receive this information in a confirmation email after you have registered for the activity.

Target audience & impact

The base of operations of Jobs Score's sweeping teams is located in Rotterdam West. From here the participants of the NAS leave to sweep in the neighborhoods. They are recognized in the neighborhood and appreciated for their work. Jobs Score has a rich history. The project started as Top Score. Top score offered the addicted people structure, a daily allowance, and help with arranging benefits and shelter. The men in their yellow vests, overalls and caps soon became a household name. In 2008 Topscore was canceled. The municipality of Rotterdam wanted this project to be continued and that is how the Jobs-Score Foundation was created.

Will you help?

Do you want to help bake something tasty for the participants of Job Score? Then register below via the "Register" button. After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with additional information. Do you have a question? Then go to the frequently asked questions or contact us.