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Community dinner with Buurtbuik East

Buurtbuik Oost

8 July 2019
Danie Theronstraat 2, 1091 XX Amsterdam
16:00 - 20:00
General help


Your help is needed for collecting and distributing food to residents of Amsterdam East. The food is left overs from hotels, restaurants and supermarkets in the neighbourhood. A lot of these people are a bit lonely and they would love to have a nice chat with you! This initiative is called ‘Buurtbuik’ (neighbourhood belly) and stimulates the social cohesion and cooperation between the residents in the neighbourhood and prevents food waste.

NB. The activity starts at 16:00h, but it is possible to walk-in till 17:00h. Can you start later? No problem, but tell us before!

Target group

'Buurtbuik' gives residents, who may use it for any reason whatsoever, a meal. Thereby they stimulate the cohesion and cooperation in the neighborhood.


Buurtbuik can be find in community center BOOST, Transvaal in Amsterdam East. The adress is Danie Theronstraat 2, 1091 XX Amsterdam. 

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