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Cook and enjoy dinner with people with a disability

Steunpunt Haagsche Bluf

11 January 2020
Haagsche Bluf 46, 2511 CN Den Haag
14:00 - 18:00
People with a disability


You can also volunteer during the weekend at NL Cares. Every saturday you can cook and enjoy dinner with people with a disability at Middin Haagsche Bluf. When you arrive you will be welcomed by one of the employees at Middin who will guide you throughout the activity. During the afternoon you will decide on what to prepare for dinner together with the clients of Haagsche Bluf. Afterwards, you will assist with grocery shopping and preparing the meal. In the evening clients and volunteers can enjoy the meal together! In case the clients have already done the shopping you can do some other activities with the clients, like a game or simply have a chat. This activity is all bout being together.

Target group & impact

Contact with the ‘normal world’ is valuable for the residents of Middin de Haagsche Bluf. The location is committed to letting the clients be part of society as much as possible. Your role as a volunteer in this commitment is very much appreciated. We are positive you will very much enjoy this activity.


‘Haagsche Bluf’ houses 29 people with a mild mental disability. They live independently, but supervision is available 24/7. ‘Haagsche Bluf’ has a meeting centre for meals and a variety of other activities, like bingo, karaoke and fitness! Clients from other locations regularly visit the meeting centre which always creates a lively atmosphere. 

Want to help?

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