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Big cleaning at the Food bank


31 January 2021
Archangelkade 11, 1013BE Amsterdam
12:00 - 16:00
General help


Once a month, a big cleaning session is organized in the distribution center of the Food bank. Volunteers help cleaning the surfaces, sweeping the floors, etc. Since this activity is also during lunchtime, lunch will be provided for all volunteers!

Target group & impact

The aim of the food bank in Amsterdam is to provide healthy and varied food to people in need. In this way, they create a caring community and stop food waste. The Food Bank Amsterdam provides food packages to around 1,200 Amsterdam households every week. In addition, the warehouse of Food Bank Amsterdam is also the Regional Distribution Center of North-Holland. This means that they are also responsible for receiving and distributing the food for the province. Approximately 4,000 households in North-Holland receive a food package per week.

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