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Cleanup in Osdorp with the Diaconie

De Diaconie Amsterdam

10 May 2021
Tussen Meer 98, 1069 DS Amsterdam
10:00 - 11:30
General help


This year we have a goal: to collect 2021 kilos of litter. And we need you for that! Contribute to the litter problem and work together with other volunteers for a clean neighborhood. In this way we create more awareness, and we also make an impact in the long term. In small groups we will walk a route through the neighborhood. The start point is the crossroad between Tussen Meer and Claus Kindereweg. The cleanup is supervised by the initiative De Diaconie Nieuw West. You get to work together with local residents. After we have walked the route, everyone gathers together to view the proceeds. Picks and garbage bags are provided. You can bring your own gloves if you prefer. Note: there may not be a pick for everyone. 

Target group & impact 

The Diaconie in Nieuw West is involved in community work and organizes all kinds of activities that connect people. This way local residents get to know each other. They are also committed to the litter problem in Osdorp. This ties in with NL Cares' mission to collect 2021 kilos this year. We are teaming up, and you can help every Monday.

Every year we produce about 50 million kilos of litter in the Netherlands. Litter is one of the top three biggest annoyances of people about their neighborhood. It attracts vermin and cleaning up costs hundreds of millions of euros per year. Moreover, litter is bad for nature, animals and humans. For example, did you know that a Coke can take 50 years to break down? In fact, plastic never disappears. It gradually breaks down into smaller and smaller plastic particles. All those small particles never decay and are really everywhere: in water, soil and air. Larger pieces make the plastic soups at sea. It is expected that by 2050, if we do not take action against the plastic soup, there will be more plastic in the sea than fish in terms of weight. Time for action. With the cleanups you make a concrete contribution to the litter problem, and you help to increase the visibility and awareness of this problem. 

Will you help?

Do your part! Together we put the counter at 2021 kilos this year. Click on 'Sign up' below. After your registration you will receive a confirmation email with additional information about the location and the activity. Do you have a question? Then go to the frequently asked questions or contact us.  

This activity is made possible by the Triodos Foundation and the Oranjefonds.