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Coffee concert at De Flesseman

Verzorgingstehuis Flesseman

13 January 2019
Nieuwmarkt 77, 1011 MA Amsterdam
10:30 - 12:00


There is an special performance for the residents of care center the Flesseman because every Sunday there is a Coffee concert. Will you assist them in this lovely morning? You can participate, have a nice chat with one of the residents, or serve them a good cup of coffee. With your help, this activity can be a real succes!

Target group

In the 'Flesseman', there are elderly living who can no longer take care of themselve anymore due to physical and/or psychological symptoms, such as dementia. 

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Please note 

Most of the elderly at elderly home Flesseman do not speak English. However, they will still enjoy your company. If you think you are able to bridge the language gap, please don't hesitate to sign up!