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Community diner in Oost (Flevopoort)

Resto vanHarte Oost (Flevopoort)

20 June 2019
Kramatplantsoen 101, 1095 LB Amsterdam
17:30 - 20:30
General help


Resto VanHarte unites people through the organization of community dinners. The Chef cooks a wonder fresh three-course meal with the help of volunteers. People with low or no income from the neighborhood are invited to join and enjoy a true restaurant experience. Something that is not possible for them financially in other ways.

Volunteers assist the Resto team during this activity. You'll welcome the guests, assist the guests at the tables and help cleaning after dinner is done. The encounter with the guests is of central importance during this activity. Please feel welcome to join this dinner, assist and have a chat with the Resto van Harte guests! 

On our calendar, the activity is scheduled from 17:30-20:30, but it is possible to start earlier if you like. From 14:00 the Resto team starts and you can join from then on (optional). 

Target group

Resto VanHarte thinks that everybody is part of society and therefore they want to reduce loneliness and social isolation and raise awareness for it. People are brought into contact with each other by cooking together and eating. 

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