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Help elderly making arts and crafts

WZH Bezuidenhout

5 December 2019
Bezuidenhoutseweg 150, 2594 AG Den Haag
14:00 - 16:00


Do you enjoy volunteering with elderly? Every thursday afternoon you can help residents of WZH Bezuidenhout with creative activities. Every thursday there is a different activity. Examples are making arts and crafts, knitting, baking, making flower arrangements or making post cards. You don't need to be very talented in these activities yourself. You will just need to assist the elderly with their activities. Besides this activity is meant for you to have a enjoyable time together. This activity is about "gezelligheid" as we say in Dutch. Just take your time to sit down, have a chat and enjoy a cup of coffee together. This activity is a perfect way of giving some extra attention to lonely elderly in The Netherlands for a couple of hours. The residents are always very happy to see flexible volunteers.

Target group & impact

The elderly of WZH Bezuidenhout love creative activities and to have a conversation. The presence of you as a volunteer and personal attention is very much appreciated by the residents and the staff! They love it when volunteers come to help out. Due to increasing cuts in health care, less and less staff is available to supervise social activities. The residents of the elderly homes do no longer experience much personal attention. Be prepared that older people maintain a slower pace than you're used to. 


WZH Bezuidenhout is beautifully located next to the Haagse Bos in Bezuidenhout. The elderly living at Cato Bezuidenhout need intensive care and a protected living environment. 

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