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Helping out at a dinner for homeless people


1 November 2019
Westeinde 101a, 2512GS Den Haag
17:00 - 20:30


Friday evening homeless people can get a free meal in the City monastry The Hague. Your help is highly appreciated. From volunteers it is expected to help out in the kitchen, serve dinner and help cleaning afterwards. Also you can have a conversation with people that come in for the meals. There's a lot of work to do, so you can take some snacks in the kitchen between work, but during the activity unfortunately there's no time to have a relaxed dinner yourself.

Target group

Homeless people are vulnerable people with each their own story. The life stories of these people, often makes them interesting interlocutors. Please keep in mind that sometimes you are the one who must take the first step to make contact and that sometimes people do not like to share their story.


The dinner is in the City monastry (Stadsklooster) of the Hague.

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Please note that not all of the homeless people will be able to talk English very well. But they will very much enjoy your company. So if you think you will be able to bridge the language gap, please do sign up!