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Stadsboerderij Molenweide

31 October 2019
Stuwstraat 31, 2516 TA Den Haag
14:00 - 16:30


Do you want to do volunteer work in The Hague that is both fun and useful? As a volunteer you assist and guide the children as they visit the petting zoo. You also provide them with information on the animals. After a short introduction by the caretaker you’re good to go! Some of the children are a bit anxious when it comes to petting animals; you, of course, will be there to set their minds at ease. After all, what could be more fun than hugging guinea pigs, rabbits and goats? Be sure to wear clothes that can get a little dirty.

Note: every now and then it can happen that there are no children visiting the farm, in that case you may be asked to help out with farm activities.

Target group & impact 

A lot of children nowadays have no idea where milk, eggs and meat come from. The urban farm familiarizes children with animals and teaches them to treat them well. The children help out at the farm, feed the animals and do small chores.


Urban farm ‘de Molenweide’ is located right in the middle of the ‘Laakkwartier’-neighbourhood of The Hague. Here children can learn about the day-to-day activities on a farm. ‘de Molenweide’ not only has great educational value, it also serves as a meeting place for young and old alike.

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