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Donate cotton fabrics for mouth masks

Vadercentrum Adam

27 September 2021
Jonckbloetplein 24, 2523 AR Den Haag
16:00 - 17:00
General help


Vadercentrum Adam has started a production line for mouth masks according to RIVM standards. Since March, old sheets and curtains have been transformed into washable masks. These masks are for local residents, authorities, but also the food bank or people who cannot afford it can come and get the masks for free. Vadercentrum Adam can use your help! There is a need for all types of cotton that you no longer use, such as sheets, curtains and bed linen. Everything is more than welcome.

Target group

The mouth masks are provided free of charge to local residents and authorities. Thanks to the help of volunteers, the speed of the production process increases and there is now a large stock to supply everyone. So also non-profit organizations or people who cannot afford it, can come and get free, washable and reusable mouth masks. More than 35,000 masks have already been made and they will certainly go up to 100,000!


Vadercentrum Adam in The Hague offers men in disadvantaged situations numerous opportunities to develop and strenghten their social position.

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