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English lessons at LeesPaleis de Pupillen (basic Dutch required)

LeesPaleis de Pupillen

13 May 2020
Heemraadstraat 60, 3023 VJ Rotterdam
16:45 - 18:00

The activity

Het LeesPaleis De Pupillen organizes English lessons for children living in Delfshaven. Every Wednesday the primary school children can attend these lessons. The primary goal is to eliminate the language deficits. The volunteers of Rotterdam Cares offer extra support to the group. You help a child with vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. It is required that you understand and speak a little Dutch in order to help the children. 

Children & impact

The primary goal of Het LeesPaleis De Pupillen is to create equal opportunities for the residents of the district Delfshaven. The language lessons that are organised by Het Leespaleis, help the development of the children living in the area. Most of these children don't have a lot of opportunities to practice Dutch and English at home. These lessons also help to improve the grades at school.



Het LeesPaleis De Pupillen is located in the Rotterdam district 'Het Nieuwe Westen' in Delfshaven. The community center organizes several activities for residents of all ages.

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