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Friday Happy Hour in Overvecht

Careyn - Rosendael

10 January 2020
Indusdreef, 3564 GV Utrecht
14:00 - 15:30
General help

The activity 

Who does not enjoy the Friday? With Oké Nu! you can do fun activities every Friday with (vulnerable) residents in Overvecht, such as a bingo, watching a movie or a music afternoon with a drink and a snack. This is a perfect start of your weekend!

Focus group 

Overvecht is a part of Utrecht with a lot of problems, such as loneliness, poverty and obesity. Oké Nu! is an initiative set up by some very active residents who want to increase welfare and links between other residents. Oké Nu! focuses on (lonely) elderly people and other vulnerable groups in Overvecht. As a volunteer you can help Oké Nu! with their activities. 

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