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Friday Happy Hour in Overvecht

Careyn - Rosendael

19 June 2020
Indusdreef, 3564 GV Utrecht
14:00 - 15:30
General help

The activity 

Who doesn't like Friday? Neighborhood initiative Oké Nu! organizes various fun activities every Friday to start the weekend. Together with Overvechters and people from the residential care center, you will play bingo, watch a movie, do a musical activity with a snack and a drink or take a nice walk! Are you looking for a fun volunteering work in Utrecht to start your weekend? Come and help on Friday and start your weekend well with Overvechters!

Target group and impact

Overvecht is a neighborhood with many problems such as loneliness, poverty and many health problems. Neighborhood initiative Oké Nu! was founded by a group of committed local residents from Overvecht: neighbors for neighbors, with and for each other. Their goal is to get more togetherness, to take care of each other and to do fun things together. By organizing accessible social and sports activities Oké Nu! aims for more connection and increasing wellbeing for residents of Overvecht. They host these activities in the Huiskamer van de Wijk, outside in the neighborhood or in people's homes. And as a volunteer you can make a valuable contribution! With your help at the Friday activity, you will help all residents of Overvecht Noord, with specific attention for lonely elderly and other vulnerable people in the Tigrisdreef neighborhood.

Some of the visitors of Oké Nu! are lonely. Loneliness is a major problem that increases as people age. Due to serious cutbacks in healthcare and the high workload of staff, older people are increasingly staying in their rooms all day long. Taking a breath of fresh air or engaging in a fun activity is no longer self-evident. As a result, the elderly come into less contact with other people. NL Cares wants to change that and you can help with that today! Do you want to know more about this target group? Read more here.

Location and getting there 

The activity takes place in the Rosendael residential care center on the Indusdreef in Overvecht. This is about fifteen minutes by bike from the city center in Utrecht. You can also take bus 9 from Utrecht Central.

Sign up! 

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