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Gardening in the Vredestuin (City Center)

Stichting GroenGoed! Rotterdam

9 August 2020
Couwenburg (de tuin ligt achter Park Pompenburg), 3032AG Rotterdam
14:00 - 17:00
General help


Do you fancy some exercise and fresh air? Would you like to help make Rotterdam more lively and healthier? Then come alone, with colleagues or with friends to the Vredestuin and roll up your sleeves. Every Friday and Sunday, under professional guidance, a group of volunteers works in the garden. The jobs vary from working with plants to painting, building wood structures, drawing up seed schedules or helping with workshops. Throughout the year, a varied harvest is ensured, which will be distributed among those helping in the garden. Any crop that remains are donated to poverty alleviation projects. So the more you grow, the better for the whole city!

Everyone is welcome at the garden: people with a distance to the labor market, retirees, students, people in-between-jobs, migrants, etc. In addition to working together in the garden, you also help these people to start a conversation with new people. Volunteering at the Stichting GroenGoed! Rotterdam is therefore very diverse and fun!

Of course there is also time for coffee and a nice chat. Everyone can participate in this activity; even without green thumbs you are more than welcome to join. The employees of GroenGoed! are happy to explain how everything works. As with all our activities, you are not committed to anything.

Target group & impact

Stichting GroenGoed! Rotterdam contributes to a city in which we live in harmony with the earth and each other. GroenGoed! does this by providing neighborhood gardens where vegetables, herbs and fruit are grown for the self-sufficiency of everyone who wants to participate. In this way gardening is being used to combat poverty and to build a sustainable city. GroedGoed! supervises six neighborhood vegetable gardens in the north of Rotterdam and the city center. They also work closely with Stichting Vredestuin (Peace garden). These Peace gardens have been developed as communal gardens. The plots of land are not distributed to individuals, so that gardening becomes a group activity. All year round, GroenGoed! will make sure there is a varied harvest, which is distributed among those who help at the garden. Extra harvest is donated to poverty reduction projects. GroenGoed! works by the principles of permaculture. The work and gardens are modeled after resilient, abundant ecosystems, where the impact remains within the earth’s limits.

In addition to gardening, the foundation actively seeks partnerships in Rotterdam in the field of poverty reduction, greenery and the climate movement. Together they ensure that we as a City can take major steps in the right direction. GroenGoed! aims to use gardening for an ecological and humane city. The gardens fight poverty, help to reduce our ecological footprint, teach us about living self-sufficient, and about inclusive forms of land ownership. 


A large part of the garden consists of vegetable garden beds, 24 in total, which work with an alternating cultivation schedule and combination cultivation. In the edges of the garden you can mainly find permanent plants, such as fruit trees and berry bushes. Vegetables, fruit and herbs are grown in the garden. 

The garden is a fifteen minute walk from Rotterdam central station. Tram 4 (stop Heer Bokelweg), tram 25 (stop Schiekade), tram 7 and 8 (stop Pompenburg) all stop very close to the garden.

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