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Help out at the Children's club (age 4-6) at CJV Feijenoord

Jeugdcentrum CJV Feijenoord

8 July 2020
Nassauhaven 297, 3091JJ Rotterdam
13:00 - 15:00


Do you like crafts, socializing and playing games? Then come to the toddler club of CJV Feijenoord!

The toddler club is for children ages 4 to 6 from the neighborhood Feijenoord. CJV organizes a lot of activities for these toddlers, like crafting, games and face painting. This way, the children are creative and learn to collaborate and play with other children. During the crafting, the children work on a certain theme, for example Mother’s- and Father’s Day, the seasons or Halloween. If the weather permits, there are also outdoor activities, like a game of soccer or volleyball. The club is organized by the volunteers of CJV and the volunteers from NL Cares offer extra support. You do not need special qualifications of skills to help, there is permanent guidance available that will explain what is on the program and how you can help. Everyone can participate in this activity and, as with all our activities, you are not committed to anything.

Target group & impact

CJV Feijenoord offers people a place where children can feel at home and develop themselves. During the activities the emphasis lies on having fun, developing talents and learning to collaborate. This makes people want to contribute to a society in which there is room and attention for everyone, regardless of culture, religious belief or financial situation. 

CJV works with PBS, Positive Behavior Support. They focus on positive behavior and continue to stimulate this. This can be done by compliments, calling the positive behavior out and rewarding one another. 

A large proportion of the children in this district come from families with a migration background. As a result, the children may have a (slight) language disadvantage. So make sure you speak calmly and clearly and adapt to the pace of the child. This pace might be higher than you expect, so adjust the pace to the level of the child. Do you want to know more about this target group and how you can deal with it? Then go to the detailed description of the target group of children. You can of course also contact the supervisor of the activity if you have a question.


Volunteering organization CJV Feijenoord was founded in 1889. The building is situated at the Nassauhaven. It is a real community center, where the doors are always open and everyone is welcome. Every week there are several regular activities for both youth and adults. There are crafting clubs, youth club and sewing- and computerclasses. 

The location can be reached by public transport: bus 32 and bus 66 stop nearby. Rotterdam Zuid train station is just a 10-minute walk.

Want to help?

Would you like to help at the children’s club? Then join! Click the ‘Sign up’ button. After your registration you will receive an email with additional information about the location and the activity. Do you have a question? Go to the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or contact us.