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Helping at the Give-Awayshop

Vadercentrum Adam

20 juni 2019
Jonckbloetplein 24, 2532 AR Den Haag
17:45 - 20:00
General help


Your job as a volunteer will be to sort out second-hand stuff (like kitchen utensils, clothes and books) under the supervision of the charming Mien. The articles will then have to be given a nice spot in the shop. On Thursdays you will assist with shop activities and make sure that the shelves are kept fully stocked; these are part of a team of volunteers’ activities.

Target group

Each week some 400 people visit the Give-away shop. The ‘customers’ are only allowed to shop with us if they can prove that they live below a certain low-income threshold. By drawing lots it is decided who may enter the shop and in what order. The others await their turn in Adam community centre; while enjoying a cup of coffee. As such, the waiting period offers the possibility to meet other people.


The Give-away shop supports residents from The Hague who live below the low-income threshold by offering good, usable items for free. It is an accessible platform for people to start participating (again) in society. 

Want to help?

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