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Indoor lawn bowling with elderly Vreugdehof

Woonzorgcentrum Vreugdehof

20 November 2019
De Klencke 111, 1083 HH Amsterdam
09:00 - 12:30


This morning we will play indoor lawn bowling with the residents of the Vreugdehof. The elderly visibly enjoy this activity and you can help with realising this great morning! As a volunteer you will first help with picking up the elderly from their room. Of course you will receive help from an employee from the Vreugdehof. If you have never pushed a wheelchair, an employee will be happy to explain how it works. During the activity you will assist the elderly and of course you can participate in the game yourselves! The elderly also really like it when you have chat with them. Everyone can participate as a volunteer and like all our activities you are not tied to anything.

Target group & impact

The Vreugdehof is a residential care center for the elderly in Amsterdam Zuid. The presence of you as a volunteer and personal attention is very much appreciated by the residents and the staff! They love it when volunteers come to help out. Due to increasing cuts in health care, less staff is available to supervise social activities. The residents of the elderly homes do no longer experience much personal attention. Be prepared that older people maintain a slower pace than you're used to. 

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Please note that not all of the elderly can talk English very well. But they will very much enjoy your company. So if you think you are able to bridge the language gap, please do sign up.