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Lend a hand in the supermarket for the 'Sociale Kruidenier'

Sociale Kruidenier

29 May 2020
Rembrandtweg 617-635, 1181 GV Amstelveen
14:00 - 16:00
General help


A special collaboration between De Sociale Kruidenier and Jumbo supermarket, where you as NL Cares volunteer can help! The Sociale Kruidenier is a supermarket and meeting place for people who live below the poverty line. Voedselbank customers can buy products here for a small price in addition to their food package. The stores of the Sociale Kruidenier are closed due to the Covid-19 crisis, partly because stocks are running out quickly due to declining donations. To help the customers of the Sociale Kruidenier and to ensure that they can still do additional shopping on their Voedselbank package, volunteers can now do small chores for Jumbo Amstelveen. With every two hours of help by a volunteer with extra tasks that arose from Covid-19, Jumbo donates 12.50 euros to De Sociale Kruidenier. For example, by giving clean carts and baskets to visitors to the store outside, or by cleaning them. Naturally, the rules of the RIVM are met.

With the 12.50 euros, coupons are purchased for the customers of the Sociale Kruidenier store, who can use them to shop.

Target group & impact

The Sociale Kruidenier is founded for customers of the Voedselbank. The Voedselbank packages are extremely important for approximately 1,200 Amsterdam individuals and families with a tight wallet. It provides them with several meals a week. The Sociale Kruidenier offers a very valuable addition to this. In the store, people can buy food and non-food products for a low price. Having their own choice is important in this. Having autonomy over what you buy and eat is important for self-confidence and well-being. In addition, the Sociale Kruidenier is a meeting place where people can go for a cup of coffee, a listening ear or easily accessible financial advice.

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