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Mindfulness with visitors of the Pauluskerk


20 juni 2019
Mauritsweg 20, 3012 JR Rotterdam
13:00 - 14:30


During this activity you participate in the mindfulness class for homeless people of the Pauluskerk. In this way you will get to know the visitors of the Pauluskerk and you will be completely relaxed for your weekend!


For many homeless and/or illegal people in the Netherlands the Pauluskerk is the last place they can turn to. With their Open House from 9:00 am tot 9:00 pm the Pauluskerk offers them a warm and welcoming place to go to. On Friday morning there is not much excitement around. There are less volunteers around. Come around and join the Yoga Class. Show them your yoga skills!


The Pauluskerk is located very centrally, close to the Rotterdam Centraal train station and Eendrachtsplein. 

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