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NL Cares Postcards - for the elderly residents of Laurens De Wilgenborgh

Laurens De Wilgenborgh

14 July 2020
Adriaan Kluitstraat 170, 3052RJ Rotterdam
12:00 - 12:30

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Due to the Corona virus outbreak a lot of elderly care homes took the difficult decision not to accept outside visitors anymore. Many elderly in The Netherlands already feel lonely quite often. Due to the lack of visitors because of the virus this issue will become more pressing. In order to help out and give some much needed extra attention you can send a postcard to the elderly care homes. This way you can let a person know someone is thinking about them in these strange times. A card with a positive message can mean a lot to many people. Should you like to you could even send a long a nice poem, or a magazine.

Do you want to help out?

If you want to join this action you can send a postcard to the following address:

Laurens De Wilgenborgh

T.a.v. Lisette - NL Cares Kaartenactie 

Adriaan Kluitstraat 170

3052RJ, Rotterdam

 Because we'd like to stay up to date about the volunteers that have send a card we ask you to click the 'sign up' button below. In the confirmation email you will receive more information, such as tips for writing a postcard to the elderly and sending a card without a stamp.

The packages received by the healthcare institutions are withheld for a number of days before they are distributed. Possible infection with the virus via paper is then excluded. We want to avoid all risks for this vulnerable group.