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Pack and hand out food at Food Bank Kanaleneiland

Voedselbank Kanaleneiland

27 May 2020
Marco Pololaan 185, 3526 GB Utrecht
15:00 - 19:00
General help

The activity

On Wednesdays the food packages are handed out in the Triumfatorkerk in Kanaleneiland. Before the families come and pick up their package, the food needs to be divided. As a volunteer you assist with dividing the food and packing it into the crates. Then you help with handing out the crates and you can make a chat with the people who come and pick up the food. 

Focus group & impact

De Voedselbank PLUS offers food packages to people and families who live below the poverty line. They also offer social and legal support. Every week, food packages are handed out in Utrecht from 8 different locations. 

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