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Packing food packages - Thursday


3 October 2019
Archangelkade 11, 1013BE Amsterdam
09:30 - 12:30
General help


Come and help out packing food packages for the families living below the poverty line in Amsterdam. It is teamwork; volunteers sort the food and put all the products together in the crates. If there is time left or there are enough volunteers, your help is also very welcome with sorting the incoming food, washing and sorting the crates, or with other chores in the distribution center.

Target group & impact

The Food Bank in Amsterdam provides 4500 food packages on a weekly basis in Amsterdam. These packages are handed out to individuals and families living below the poverty line. Thanks to the Food Bank they are provided with a safe food package. 


Please note: this location is not easy to find when you visit for the first time. The warehouse is not heated, so it is convenient to wear warm and comfortable clothing, that may turn a bit dirty. Carrying heavy items can be part of the activity too.

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