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Playing games with elderly

Huis aan de Vecht

26 October 2020
Costa Ricadreef 9, 3563 TA Utrecht
18:00 - 20:00

The activity

Do you want to help (lonely) elderly people and make their evening a lot more fun? Then help out with the game night at 't Huis aan de Vecht. Every Monday evening they organize a game night for its residents and they can use your help for that! With which resident are you going to play a game of darts, billiards or a board game? You supervise the game, but of course you also join the game! Together with the residents you will have a pleasant evening. Your enthusiasm is all you need to make this evening a success! Although .. you also have to be able to withstand your loss, because the residents like nothing more than to beat you in the game!

Target group and impact

'T Huis aan de Vecht offers care to elderly with various care needs, but there are also younger people with acquired brain injury. A total of 180, mainly older, people who need help live there. 't Huis aan de Vecht puts the well-being of its residents first and as a volunteer you can make a valuable contribution to this. Loneliness is a big problem, which increases with age. Nearly two-thirds of those over 85 feel lonely. Today you can help these elderly people with a small gesture: play a game, drink a cup of coffee and have a chat. The most important thing is attention. If you show interest in someone else, you can quickly give someone an enjoyable day. A small momenet of your exclusive attention to that person alone. Then you quickly see how much someone likes you being there for him or her, doesn't that make your day? Do you want to know more about this target group? Then go to the detailed description of the target group for the elderly.

Location and getting there

't Huis aan de Vecht is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle and car. From the center it is about 20 minutes by bike, but the bus stops nearby also!

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