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Helping in the thrift shop

Stichting Kringloopbedrijf De Lokatie

5 November 2019
Distelweg 85, 1031 HD Amsterdam
12:00 - 16:00
General help


Together with the employees of Kringloopbedrijf De Lokatie you will get to work with setting up the store or to arrange the warehouse. De Lokatie offers workplaces to people who are at a distance from the labor market. Together with them, you roll up your sleeves to sort, price products or display the items in the store. Vintage furniture, crockery, paintings and books, they receive a lot of products each day and there is always plenty to do. As a volunteer you help to put more order in this, and you have a nice chat with the employees. By working with them, you contribute to De Lokatie's sustainable mission. The employees of the Location will tell you what exactly you are going to do. The one time this is sorting in the warehouse, the other time you will price products. You don't have to have any special skills, energy and motivation are enough!

Target group & Impact

Foundation Kringloopbedrijf De Lokatie is a recycling company that contributes to extending the life of goods and products. In addition to environmental benefits, the organization offers workplaces for people at a distance from the labor market. Taking into account the limitations of the participants, efforts are being made to expand their skills and look for opportunities on the labor market.

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