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Social clean up with the elderly of Parc Transwijk

Woonzorgcentrum Parc Transwijk

29 December 2021
Hof van Transwijk 16, 3526 XB Utrecht Utrecht
10:30 - 12:00


Our goal is to collect 2021 kilos of litter by the end of the year. And not only that, with the Social Cleanup you contribute to a cleaner and more beautiful city. Join forces with vulnerable fellow citizens and clean up the neighbourhood together. This is how we combat litter and loneliness, so double impact. 

The clean-up empowers the elderly, they work with you and other volunteers for a shared mission: a clean planet. You help and guide -the target group- and make each other enthusiastic to clean up as much waste as possible. In this way we create more awareness about litter in a fun way, and we also make an impact in the long term. In small groups we walk a route through the neighbourhood with square Parc Transwijk as the start and end point. After we have walked the route, everyone gathers together to view the proceeds. Picks and garbage bags are provided. You can bring your own gloves if you prefer.

Target group & Impact

Parc Transwijk is a residential care location where the elderly live independently as much as possible. The corona period is a bad time for the elderly. Visitors were not allowed to come for a long time and they rarely come out simply because they need help with this. This while getting some fresh air is so healthy and pleasant. How beautiful and fun it is to take a walk in combination with the clean up, then the elderly and outside come and contribute to a nicer neighborhood. You can help with this! 

Facts and tidbits

Every year we produce about 50 million kilos of litter in the Netherlands. Litter is one of the top three biggest annoyances of people about their neighbourhood. It attracts vermin and cleaning up costs hundreds of millions of euros per year. Moreover, litter is bad for nature, animals and humans. For example, did you know that a Coke can take 50 years to break down? In fact, plastic never disappears. It gradually breaks down into smaller and smaller plastic particles. All those small particles never decay and are really everywhere: in water, soil and air. Time for action!  

Will you help?

Do your part! Together we put the counter at 2021 kilos this year. Click on 'Sign up' below. After your registration you will receive a confirmation email with additional information about the location and the activity. Do you have a question? Then go to the frequently asked questions or contact us.  

This activity is made possible by the Triodos Foundation and the Oranjefonds.