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Sowing and reaping in Food Forest the Overtuin

Voedselbos De Overtuin

6 July 2020
Honingerdijk 86, Trompenburg Tuinen & Arboretum, 3062 NX Rotterdam
09:00 - 12:30
General help


Do you like to start your week healthy and active? Are you looking forward for some exercise and fresh air? Then come alone, with colleagues or friends to the Overtuin Food Forest on a Monday and roll up your sleeves. Thanks to your help, De Overtuin will become a learning environment in which a wide audience can get acquainted with the ideas, tastes and practice of food forestry. The food forest also provides an opportunity to learn about how nature works and how this can inspire us. That is why the Overtuin will offer space for all kinds of activities for different target groups. The Overtuin is a place for learning and experimentation. You can help with simple activities, such as sorting wood, weeding, harvesting vegetables, creating new vegetable beds, etc. Of course there is also time for coffee and a nice chat with the permanent volunteers. Everyone can participate in this activity; even without green thumbs you are more than welcome to join. The employees of the food forest are happy to explain how everything works. As with all our activities, you are not committed to anything.

Target group & impact

In the Overtuin Food Forest, the rich botanical knowledge of Trompenburg is linked to the innovative food forest concept. In a food forest, food production, ecological wealth and a high experience value are combined. Food forest de Overtuin offers space for education, recreation and participation in the field of nature, food and garden art. As a volunteer you will help to tell the story of the food forest concept. In a food forest, food production, ecological wealth and a high experience value are combined.

Imagine an edible park, where you can relax, with or without a freshly picked berry or nut. That is a food forest: a garden or landscape set up as a natural ecosystem, but aimed at the production of food and other products that can be used by people. The food forest is more than an alternative form of agriculture. In its biological and spatial diversity, it also enriches urban green spaces. The fact that it's functioning as an ecosystem, also makes it an environment where you can learn a lot about nature.


Food forest De Overtuin is located along Groene Wetering 41. The entrance is recognizable by the striking fence. This gate is clearly visible from the road and is located near the other gardens of Trompenburg. Here you can check out the map of Trompenburg Gardens & Arboretum with all the gardens on it, including the Overtuin.

Do you want to come by public transport? Then you can take tram 21 and 24 towards De Esch and get off at the Woudestein stop and follow the tramway (a little walk back) towards the entrance of the soccer stadium Excelsior and/or the large parking lot in front of Restaurant “In den Rustwat”. Tram line 7 also stops at the Erasmus University Rotterdam stop. From there you walk towards the Honingerdijk down in about five minutes. You can find more information about how to get there, here.

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