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Help out during a sports evening for people with disabilities

Steunpunt Haagsche Bluf

23 juli 2019
Haagsche Bluf 46, 2511 CN Den Haag
19:00 - 21:00
People with a disability


Every tuesday Middin Haagse Bluf hosts a sports evening. This way you can help people with a disability to work out as a volunteer. As a volunteer you will explain the different activities or, if you comfortable, even give instructions. The venue has a special corner for sports; it boasts, among other things, a rowing machine, exercise bikes and a treadmill. It is also possible to do aerobics with music. When the weather is good you could even go to the Palace gardens with the group. The sessions last anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes after which there is time for a cup of tea/coffee. You wont be alone! There will always be employees of Middin around to help you with this activity.

Target group & impact

People with a (mental) disability sometimes suffer from overweight as a result of lack of physical activity. That’s why your presence is highly appreciated. Especially because of volunteers the sportsevening can carried out with extra care. It is would be much fun if you could think of some exercises you want to do beforehand. for example streching, a few sit-ups or planking on the knees. You are the sportsinstructor tonight! However the activity is very easy going, you do not need to have any experience as a sports instructor. The clients will tell you how far they can (physically) go. Some sweating and motivating is appreciated, but it should stay informal for the clients; just to move a bit, and have a fun evening is the most important!


‘Haagsche Bluf’ houses 25 people with a mild mental disability. They live independently (and can leave to the supermarket after sports for example), but supervision is available 24/7. ‘Haagsche Bluf’ has a meeting centre for meals and a variety of other activities, like bingo, karaoke and fitness! Clients from other locations regularly visit the meeting centre which always creates a lively atmosphere.

Want to help?

Would you like to help with the sports evenings? Then please register below with the ‘subscribe’-button. Upon receipt of your registration you will receive a confirmation mail with additional information on location and activity. Any questions? Please visit our frequently aksed questions or contact us.