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Table tennis with people with disabilities

Reinaerde - Loevenhoutsedijk

12 February 2019
Loevenhoutsedijk 4, 3552 XE Utrecht
15:00 - 16:30
People with a disability

The activity

Every Tuesday afternoon we play table tennis with people with disabilities. Together with a trainer the players practice their skills. You could help to collect the balls in other for them to play as much as they like and support them in their sports activity. Of course you also drink a cup of coffee or tea and have fun together. Would you like to volunteer at Reinaerde? Then click on 'Join us'. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with additional information. 

Focus group & impact 

Reinaerde is an activities center for people with a brain disease or a chronic disease that they were not born with. At Reinaerde it is possible to participate in several activities. The programme is adjusted to the clients' wishes. Brain damage can express itself in several ways: from memory loss to a physical disability. Some people cannot express themselves anymore, but they can still understand what is said to them. It is important that you have patience and understanding in dealing with this focus group.