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The Foodbank needs your help

Voedselbank Haaglanden

20 juni 2019
Boomaweg 101, 2553 EB Den Haag
09:00 - 13:00
General help


Every Wednesday evening and Thursday morning food is prepared to be packed. Tomatoes, potatoes and onions for instance have to be sorted out. The well-oiled team with the permanent volunteers will show you the ropes. You will help with sorting and preparing food for packaging the next day. Are you not afraid to get dirty hands and would you like to help out sometime? We advise sturdy shoes for this activity and clothes that can get dirty. 

Target group & impact

Each week the food bank provides food packages for some 2.500 homes in the Haaglanden region for people living below the poverty line. In participating in this activity you are helping the poorest in society to put a well rounded meal on the table every day. Suppliers and individuals donate their surpluses of food that they cannot sell anymore. This way we can help reduce poverty together.

Because of limited resources the food bank primarily relies on volunteers. Do you want to help reduce food waste as volunteer in The Hague? Your help is appreciated!


The location is difficult to reach by public transport. Having your own mode of transport would be ideal. 

Want to help?

Everyone is welcome to join this activity. You don't need special skills. The regular volunteers are very happy with your arrival. Would you like to volunteer in The Hague and help with the food packages? Then please register below with the ‘Sign up’-button. Upon receipt of your registration you will receive a confirmation mail with additional information on location and activity. Questions? Please visit our frequently asked questions or contact us.