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Helping at a homeless center

Blaka Watra

9 May 2021
Droogbak 1C, 1013 GE Amsterdam
12:00 - 16:00


Do you like to have a chat and are you interested in your fellow citizens? Seven days a week homeless center Blaka Watra welcomes the homeless people of Amsterdam and in the weekends you can help as a volunteer. During this activity you are responsible for the coffee corner: throughout your shift, you make sure there is enough coffee and tea and of course, there is plenty of time to talk to the visitors. The life stories of these people often make them interesting people to talk to. In the afternoon you also help by serving a hot meal. Would you like to help here? Then join us, learn more about the lives of homeless people and make it a good afternoon.

Target group

Homeless center Blaka Watra is situated in the city center, right next to Central Station. The visitors of Blaka Watra have a lot of different nationalities and are mainly male visitors. Visitors of homeless centers do not necessarily live on the streets. Some of them do have a home but are socially isolated. They visit Blaka Watra to meet others, a warm meal, a shower or for practical help. If you like to know more about this target group, please look at the detailed description of homeless people.

Please note: it's allowed to smoke inside! Besides, Blaka Watra allows visitors to use drugs in one of their rooms in order to prevent visitors from using it in unsafe ways and unsafe places in the streets. The organization gladly tells you more about this.

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