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Warm Winter Weeks 2018: Christmas breakfast with the homelss

Kessler Stichting

25 December 2018
De la Reyweg 530, 2571 GN Den Haag
07:00 - 11:00

Warm Winter Weeks

December 1st through to 31st are Warm Winter Weeks at NL Cares. During the month december we organise a broad range of activities for our callender that ensure a warm month full of festivities for those that need it most, and now you can make your contribution. The Warm Winter Weeks 2018 would not be possible without the contribution of the Haëlla Foundation.


Activity & Target group

Would you like to celebrate Christmas differently this year. This morning there will be a Christmas breakfast for the homeless. at the Kessler Stichting. Your help is needed but off course there is room for a nice chat as well.


This activity will take place at theEmergency & Shelter department of the Kessler Stichting. The Kessler Stichting is a social institution that cares for homeless people. The y provide professional shelter, care and guidance in The Hague. There will always be councellors of the Kessler Stichting to help with the volunteer work and for any questions you might have.


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