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Wheelchair Rugby training

Wheelchair Rugby Club Scorpions

11 November 2020
Rembrandtkade 10, 3583 TM Utrecht
17:30 - 20:30
People with a disability

The activity

As a volunteer you help preparing the training. You make sure the players and the field are ready. Next to that, you keep track of the score. After the training you help clear away the field and you help the players getting back into their normal wheelchair. Would you like to help these guys and watch this rough sport with your own eyes? Click on 'Join us' and you will receive a confirmation e-mail. 

Focus group & impact 

The Scorpoin Wheelchair Rugby Club trains every Wednesday night in rehabilitation centre De Hoogstraat. Wheelchair rugby is played by people with a physical disability. They sit in a wheelchair due to a paraplegia or a chronic disease. That is why they cannot participate in a regular rugby game, but this men's team still like it a lot to play sports fanatically!