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Cooking with the visitors of the Salvation Army

Leger Des Heils 50/50

29 January 2020
Kooikerweg 28, 3069 WP Rotterdam
09:00 - 12:00


Do you think making food is as fun and inspiring as eating it? The participants and chefs at 50/50 Food think it is! You will be working together with proffesional chefs and people with a distance to job market. They are reintergrating back into society by learning a new profession: becoming a chef! Together with you they will prepare delicious dishes and Sigara Borgi's for a Rotterdam restaurant.


50|50 food Rotterdam is a learning and work initiative from the Salvation Army. They provide inspiring work, education and re-intergration to the job market for people who come from challenging backgrounds. By working aside professional chefs, social workers and volunteers they are developing the confidence to start a new career. Who knows, maybe you will discover some new skills as well!


Basic Dutch is preferred. If you don't speak Dutch at all, you can still join. We will make sure there are enough Dutch speaking people around to help you out.


You will make the food in the kitchen of the Salvation Army workcenter 50/50 Food. You will find it in Rotterdam Zevenkamp, ​​right next to the Ambachtsland metro station. You can easily take metro B towards Nesselande and before you know it you are in the kitchen of the Army!