Social services


Social institutions and care centers

Is your organization in need of extra help during activities? Then NL Cares could be your solution!
NL Cares is a foundation that activates (young) people to do volunteer work in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht. NL Cares provides a solution for people that want to volunteer but have a busy agenda. By organizing volunteer work in a flexible way via our online platform it will fit every agenda, making it interesting for volunteers and for you.

Organizations such as nursing homes, care centers for people with a disability, after school initiatives and facilities for homeless people or migrants can contact NL Cares for extra support of our volunteers.

How does it work?

- Volunteers sign up for an activity through our online agenda
- Social institutions can count on structural support in their activities
- The faces tend to change, but (almost) every week, there are volunteers to help

Would you like to register an activity?

Do you have activities whereby the flexible support of our volunteers is needed? Please contact a project manager in your city to see whether the activity can be included in our online agenda.