Homeless people



For activities with homeless people, we work together with eateries, night care for homeless people and homes for young homeless people.
There are many misconceptions about people who are homeless. Some people mistakenly assume that they are only drug or alcohol addicts. They are vulnerable people who each have their own story about how they ended up in their unpleasant situation. Some do not wish to share their story, others do. Show appropriate interest in these stories. This can be an enrichment for yourself as well as for the homeless.


This target group is used to not having much to do. This is why they are sometimes (pleasantly) surprised when activities are organized for them. Keep in mind to involve them in the activity if they are somewhat reluctant. If you do this in an enthusiastic manner, they are likely to become enthusiastic as well. If you have questions about the target group when the activity starts, or if you feel unsure on how to deal with these people, please direct your questions to the supervisors of the institute.