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Make an impact with the entire company

Looking to make even more impact locally with a large part of or your entire company? Then an Impact Day is perfect for you. Think of an extensive activity program for elderly, or a sports day for a school in a disadvantaged neighborhood. The implementation of the activities is always tailored to your wishes and the needs of the target group. You will get to work in one or multiple locations with all of your colleagues! Would you like to make an impact with your company? Please contact a project manager in your city or receive our brochure without obligation.

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Projectmanager Amsterdam
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Examples of Impact Days



For the 2nd year in a row, Abbvie has worked with vulnerable fellow citizens of the city for one day, together with 140 employees. For example, at 7 different locations in Amsterdam and Utrecht, they got to work with and for the elderly, people with disabilities and children.



Doing sports together with children from various parts of the city of The Hague and giving them a wonderful day. For these children, playing sports and a healthy lifestyle are not always a given. Therefore, it is even better when a group of nice volunteers is there to help!

Renovating for impact

Renovating for impact

Making an effort together to fix up a playground or the garden of a nursing home, this also belongs to the possibilities. Over the course of half a day or a full day, you will get to work and turn a neglected garden into a true paradise!

What is an Impact Day?

You will make an impact on the following target groups